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Agrigators - Wise Investment opportunities in India for good returns 2019

Agrigators Details

Agrigators founded by Dr.K.Karthikeyan a well known Ayurvedic Physician, Social Entrepreneur for the past 25 years with a tradition history of organic farming and Herbal Vaidya ancestors back ground of more than 100 years.

Agrigators is founded to support farmers to do organic way of agriculture, Fresh organic and natural vegetables, fruits and health products to people, and to save the natural environment livable, and to save nature and god created living beings that helps people and the living environment.

For the past two years we support farmers to convert them to organic way of agriculture. We guide them to make themselves organic manures, fertilizers and pest controllers. These procedures have given good yield in farmers  and the produces get  great welcome with our customers. We do supply directly from farm to customers. We started in a small way and is growing as per our expectations.

Our main objectives of our project:
1. Organically grown Farm fresh Vegetables, Greens and fruits directly to the customers.
2. Organic herbal whole herbs, powders and formulated herbal supplements to customers.
3. Encouraging and supporting farmers in organic and traditional way of Agriculture to give the best produce for people and to get good profits.
4. More  Jobs opportunities for village people and youngsters.
5. Awareness for people about healthy living, preventive care and organic products values.
6. Growing Livestock and domestic birds for meat, egg and milk.
7. Awareness to the new generation  about organic agriculture and our traditional culture by facilitating tourism to see things live to understand better and enjoy the facilities. Facilitating all traditional games that add values of our culture and no cost entertainments that enhance the  health and mind.

Present Expansion Plan:
1. Expansion of Contract Farming with farmers for Various type of Greens, vegetables, fruits, Curry Leaves, Moringa trees and Herbal plants.
2. Opening retail shops for fresh vegetables, fruits, greens and for unique organic herbal products.
3. A small manufacturing facility to make powders and capsules for Herbal dietary supplements and for value added organic products.
4. Acquiring virgin dry lands at cheap cost and make it fertile plant trees and do organic farming and grow domestic livestock like Cow, Country Hen for egg and meat, Goat, Turkey and few other domestics.. that gives good returns.

16 types of Greens grows in our area soil and have high consumption and have great potential market.
In these more than 50% of these greens shall be dried and shall make value added products and shall sell in dried powder form also. So it gives 5 times profit.

Brinjal, lady's finger, Tomato, Pumpkin, Ash Pumpkin, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, snake gourd, ribbed gourd, cucumber drumstick  and few other vegetables grows good in our soil. The yield will also be very good with organic. These are all life saving vegetables and good for healthy living.

Guava, Jack fruit, Mango, Amla, Sapota or chikoo,  Custard Apple, Citron, Lemon, Banana, grapes, Papaya and Pomegranate grows good in our soil.

Risk Factor:  Agriculture is based on nature's support. If any natural disaster happens its unavoidable of loss in agriculture. But the place that we have chosen never have natural disasters in the past 300 years. There could be a chance of getting drought due to no rainfall. We do fixed bore well  and drip irrigation to short out the problems if arise.  So we are 100% safe.

Future Plan:
To scale up the facilities in larger scale and to expand gradually in various districts by creating awareness.
To develop agriculture and traditional culture tourism with our facilities for young generation and for all people of India and worldwide.
Renewable energy to be added like solar and wind energy for future economy and  sustainability in power needs.
Many further ideas are in pipeline.

Till Today we are going with our own investments. To scale up we need more investment. Anyone shall invest with us for the development. We shall be able to provide 30% returns P.A. This will be a great support to develop organic farming widely as well as mutual benefits with happiness and good health.

We make learn and support farmers to make the land full fertile and to extract the potency of the land by getting the maximum yield  of any crops thru organic way. This model works successfully and farmers are much happy of getting good revenue according to their hard work.
Before two years they do agriculture only if rainfall happens in right time. otherwise they drop doing agriculture that year. But now as we have supported with bore well and drip irrigation they do work all around the year and getting good yield and this helps themselves, for people working  and for our customers and good returns for us too.

In this regard we are looking for generous investors who shall invest to promote organic agriculture at the same time they should also good returns of 30% P.A.

At present all these produce are marketed within 50 kilometers radius and the demand is more. If we produce more we will supply to the demand and shall expand the radius further.

In future we are planning for growing millets, ragi, maize and few traditional variety rice that are rich in nutrients. These will be converted into flours and will make added value products to customers.
I hope all the details are explained to make you understand better. If you have any further queries kindly let me know.

My hearty wishes for you and your family a good health, happiness and for all success in your life.
Thanks and regards

Mob/WhatsApp: 8056786111


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