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Know about Agriculture in India

                       Why agriculture is important in India?
Agriculture and allied sectors like forestry and fisheries accounted for 13.7% of the GDP (gross domestic product) in 2013, about 50% of the workforce. The economic contribution of agriculture to India's GDP is steadily declining with the country's broad-based economic growth.
In India, the agricultural sector occupies a vital position in the overall economy of the country as would be clear from the following: i. Share of Agriculture in National Income: Agriculture has got a prime role in Indian economy.

Categories of Crops in India
  • Food Crops (Wheat, Maize, Rice, Millets and Pulses etc.)
  • Cash Crops (Sugarcane, Tobacco, Cotton, Jute and Oilseeds etc.)
  • Plantation Crops (Coffee, Coconut, Tea, and Rubber etc.)
  • Horticulture crops (Fruits and Vegetables)


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